Senior Program


This program is for seniors facing issues unique to the aging process. We help them learn to address and cope with challenges they face at this stage of life.  The clinical staff working with the senior population understands the importance of involving families and other healthcare providers to ensure that progress made in treatment is monitored and sustained following participation in one of our programs.

We have a dedicated inpatient unit for seniors at our main location which features program structure and environmental elements designed to meet unique needs of seniors.  This program is also provided in our outpatient clinic at the main location.

Both inpatient and outpatient therapy groups are conducted by a bilingual therapist to meet the needs of our local community.  We believe it is an honor to care for seniors and enjoy helping them achieve the maximum amount of independence and dignity during this time of their lives.

Inpatient Medical Director – Cynthia Rivera, MD

Inpatient Program Manager – Joaquin Lopez, LPC-Intern

Inpatient Nurse Manager – Ana Solis, RN