Substance Abuse and Dependency Program


For people who want to overcome the problems alcohol or other drugs are causing in their lives, we offer an integrated evidence-based 12-step model. We focus on identifying, developing and practicing lifestyle changes necessary for staying free of drugs and alcohol.

Because substance abuse and dependency can include mental health issues as well, we offer dual-diagnosis treatment. We have the only child/adolescent chemical- dependency rehabilitation program in our area.  We are proud to have some of the only physicians in El Paso certified to offer Suboxone® treatment for opiate withdrawal or other pain management / detoxification needs.

We believe abstinence from substances will put the disease in remission, and dedication to a strong program will provide protection from relapse.

We provide a dedicated inpatient milieu at our main location for those detoxing from substances or in need of substance abuse / dependency rehabilitation.  We also provide this program on an outpatient basis at our main location.  Our main location also offers the area’s only adolescent substance abuse specialty outpatient services for young people who are beginning to experience problems related to substance abuse and are in need of treatment.

Alternatively, our new eastside outpatient location also provides a Dual Diagnosis program for adults who may be struggling with both substance abuse and mental health problems.

Inpatient Medical Director – Arthur Ramirez, MD

Inpatient Program Manager –Lydia Ortega, LPC, LCDC

Inpatient Nurse Manager – Mario Guzman, RN